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LGBTQ+ Choreographer Amit Patel is Changing Bollywood Dance

Dancer Amit Patel is reinventing Bollywood dance for queer expression

J-Setting: From Southern HBCUs to the Clubs of Atlanta

The Dance Champz of Atlanta want to take this underground LGBTQ+ dance to the next level.

Zydeco in Houston: Black Cowboys, Trail Rides & Creole Roots

Once known as La-la, Zydeco dance and music thrives in Houston

Albuquerque's Native American Hip-Hop Dance

Albuquerque’s hip-hop & freestyle dance scene is influenced by various Indigenous tribes

Dancers Across the U.S. Unite in Chain Letter

Sixteen dancers from across the country, representing a range of dance styles, move as one

Puerto Rico's Bomba, A Dance of The African Diaspora

Sisters Mar and Maria Cruz are preserving the legacy of this dance of resistance.

San Francisco's Dance Crew Blends Tap and Mexican Footwork

The women of La Mezcla call on the history of percussive dance to create their own style.

Go-Go Music Inspired This Street Dance in Washington, D.C.

Beat Ya Feet is the street dance empowering a new generation of Black D.C.

About If Cities Could Dance

Every city has its rhythm—every dancer, their street. Step into the shoes of dancers from across the country who dare to imagine what it would look like if their city could dance. Performing on street corners and other unconventional settings, each episode tells an intimate, personal story about the artists and their deep-rooted connections to community.

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