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Katherine Dunham and the Dances of the African Diaspora

East St. Louis’ artists foster African American dance legend Katherine Dunham's legacy.

Hip Hop Dance Legend Rennie Harris Shares Five Major Moments

Hip hop dance legend Rennie Harris highlights notable experiences in his dance career.

Philadelphia’s House Dancers Preserve the Soul of the Scene

Like the signature Philly sound, the city has moves with soul.

How Hula Dancers Connect Hawaii’s Past and Present

Hula instructor Snowbird Puananiopaokalani Bento teaches the story behind hula dance.

How Black Roller Skaters Carry Forward LA's Iconic Scene

LA Black skaters push the culture forward amidst a pandemic and economic downturn.

About If Cities Could Dance

Every city has its rhythm—every dancer, their street. Step into the shoes of dancers from across the country who dare to imagine what it would look like if their city could dance. Performing on street corners and other unconventional settings, each episode tells an intimate, personal story about the artists and their deep-rooted connections to community.

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