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Christian Politics

How do politics and Christianity get along in the age of Trump?

The Gender Divide

What’s needed for the body politic to support a larger, uniting American identity?

World Stage

Should America continue to exert its influence globally?

America in Black & White

Black identity has been at the core of America’s struggle to reconcile its past.

2018 and Beyond

Do the Democrats or Republicans have the meat and message to win in the 2018 midterms?

The Futurists

Can technology solve long-standing global problems like disease and hunger?

Compassionate Leadership

Amy Holmes and Michael Gerson interview President George W. Bush and Arthur C. Brooks.

Echo Chambers

Michael Gerson and Amy Holmes interview Glenn Beck and Marji Ross on "In Principle."

About In Principle

In Principle includes guests from across the ideological spectrum in the worlds of politics, policy, the arts and academia, with Amy Holmes and Michael Gerson probing the framework of today’s news and political conversations, examining how history, faith and culture influence the larger discussions taking place in the country today.

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