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Inside the Lab That Invented the COVID-19 Vaccine

This is how to make a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Shocking Truth About Ben Franklin and the Kite

Do you know the true story of how his famous experiment changed the world?

How the Pandemic Has Distorted Our Sense of Time

Let’s learn about how our brains keep track of and try to make sense of time.

COVID-19 & Mask Myths DEBUNKED!

Addressing a few of the most common myths & misunderstandings using scientific evidence.

How Well Do Masks Work?

Wearing a mask is a cheap and easy way to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

How Did Giant Pterosaurs Fly?

No flying animal alive today comes close to their huge size.

How Evolution Made COVID-19 Our Perfect Enemy

Evolution has given us the gifts we need to survive this difficult time. Here's how.

Fly Through a Nebula 163,000 Light Years Away

Celebrating 30 years of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Why the Heck Are We Ticklish?

Let’s dig into our evolutionary past to try and find an answer.

Why Soap Is Still Our Best Weapon Against Coronavirus

Here’s the science of handwashing!

What This Chart Actually Means for COVID-19

Stay informed. Stay cautious, but not scared.

Fixing Daylight Saving Time Is THIS Easy

Do the supposed advantages for springing forward and falling back hold up?

Sunlight Is Way Older Than You Think. Here’s Why…

The sunlight we see is tens of thousands of years old. How is that possible?

Why are Human Babies So Helpless?

If humans are so smart, why are our babies so… un-smart?

Can Supercrops Feed 10 BILLION People?

How will we do a Green Revolution 2.0?

Can Trees Really Fight Climate Change?

Can trees really save us from climate change?

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This is a show about science. But it's probably not about science the way you're used to it. Hosted by Joe Hanson, author of the science blog, It's Okay to be Smart. Part of the PBS Digital Studios network.

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