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Episode 1

In 1619 Virginia, a ship arrives with women destined to marry the lonely men of Jamestown.

Episode 2

Farlow and Redwick’s disdain for their new female neighbors intensifies.

Episode 3

Pamunkey warriors descend upon the colony and the settlers meet with the tribal leader.

Episode 4

Rumor of a gold mine map sends suspicion around the settlement.

Episode 5

When Yeardley is struck down by illness, Redwick sees the chance to cause civil unrest.

Episode 6

Verity succumbs to the bad habits for which she was jailed back in England.

Episode 7

Henry presents his newfound riches and soon acquires himself an array of eager friends.

Episode 8

A British boat arrives with news for Temperance and important instructions for Yeardley.

About Jamestown

In the 17th century, on the edge of the untamed Virginian wilderness, sits the English colony. The settlement barely survived its first decade but is on the brink of change with the arrival of a new governor and 90 so-called "maids to make brides."

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