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Raspberry-Fig Crostata with Flo Braker and Leslie Mackie

Demos for two wonderfully crunchy butter galettes and a raspberry-fig crostata.

Chocolate Tuiles & Gingersnaps with Gale Gand and David Blom

Watch chefs make lemon meringue pie-for-one andcookies: curved tuiles and gingersnaps.

Naan with Beatrice Ojakangas

Chefs visit to make naan and swedish hardtack, types of flat breads.

Poppyseed Torte with Markus Farbinger

Markus Farbinger shows how to create a special Viennese pastry treat, a poppy seed torte.

Vanilla Chiffon Chocolate Mousse Cake with Mary Bergin

Mary Bergin demonstrates how to make a vanilla chiffon cake with a twist.

Savory Pizza Rustica with Nick Malgieri

Nick Malgieri demonstrates authentic Sicilian specialities.

Chocolate Mint Nightcaps with Marcel Desaulniers

Tease your palate with oven-roasted plum cakes and chocolate-mint nightcaps.

Johnnycake Cobblers with Johanne Killeen

Johanne Killeen bakes American classics gingerbread baby cake and Johnnycake cobblers.

Pumpernickel Bread & Matzos with Lauren Groveman

Lauren Groveman, teacher and cookbook author, demonstrates these easy European breads.

Creme Fraiche with Nancy Silverton

Nancy Silverton bakes a fresh creme fraiche custard brioche tarte in a white wine sauce.

A Three-Tiered Wedding Cake with Martha Stewart, Part 2

Martha Stewart and Julia finish their glorious three-tiered wedding cake.

A Three-Tiered Wedding Cake with Martha Stewart, Part 1

Martha Stewart joins Julia to bake one grand and glorious three-tiered wedding cake.

About Baking With Julia

Together with the country's most outstanding pastry chefs and bakers, Julia Child shares indispensable techniques, time-honored tips, and meticulously tested recipes that make home baking successful and satisfying.

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