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Salad with Alice Waters

Alice waters prepares a beet, blood orange, walnut and arugula salad, and other dishes.

Braised Sweetbreads with Jacques Pepin

Jacques Pepin prepares braised sweetbreads in puff pastry with a black truffle and sauce.

Rustic breads with Nancy Silverton

Nancy prepares a sourdough starter, a loaf of rustic bread, and a foccacia pizza dough.

Tarte flambee with Andre Saltner

Andre Saltner prepares a tarte flambee and an Alsatian meat and potatoe stew.

Dishes with Jan Birnbaum and Lidia Bastianich

Jan Brinbaum and Lidia Bastianich split duties creating delicious dishes.

Chicken with Jeremiah Tower

Jeremiah Tower prepares two variations of chicken.

Lobster Souffle with Jacques Pepin

Julia and Jacques Pepin prepare a lobster souffle together.

Thai and Indian flavors with Susan Feniger and Mary Sue...

Melon and curry flavors from Thailand and India.

Foie gras with Jean-Louis Palladin

Jean-Louis Palladin prepares foie gras (duck liver) with poached apples.

New Texan with Robert Del Grande

Recipes with toasted chiles and tomatillos.

Hawaiian cuisine with Amy Ferguson-Ota

A sampling of innovative Hawaiian dishes.

Charles Palmer

Venison steaks and luscious mousse cupcakes.

Pasta & Risotto with Lidia Bastianich

Mushroom risotto and pasta with broccoli and sausage.

Salmon and Grouper with Patrick Clark

Fish with Patrick Clark, chef of the Hay-Adams hotel

Chocolate with Michel Richard

Chocolate dome cake and molten truffles.

Cajun Cooking with Emeril Lagasse

Shrimp etouffee and a New Orleans crab boil.

About Julia Child: Cooking With Master Chefs

Julia Child visits sixteen nationally acclaimed master chefs in their own kitchens. Each chef demonstrates distinct techniques, regional recipes, and culinary tips which guide home cooks through their favorite recipes.

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