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Nancy And Beth

Actors/singers Megan MullalyStephanie Hunt perform as the band Nancy And Beth.

Marc Broussard

The Louisiana native wows with his R&B-inflected voice and New Orleans-style band.

Black Violin

This gifted duo combines classical with hip-hop — and attracts fans of both genres.

Jarrod Spector and Kelli Barrett

Two Broadway stars share their love story in song.

Jimmy Webb with Special Guest Ashley Campbell

The legendary Grammy-winning songwriter shares hits and humorous musical stories.

John Oates

John Oates performs hits and music from his new bluesy roots album, Arkansas.

About The Kate

The Kate is a feisty, live music series from CPTV featuring bold performers with something to say. The Kate explores the story behind the song. Combining delicate beauty or a razor sharp wit, The Kate performers captivate audiences with an irresistible charm inspired by our muse, Katharine Hepburn.

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