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La Tejana Pasionaria

Video profile of Emma Tenayuca, the leader of the striking pecan-shellers in 1939 Texas.

Latina Trailblazers

Watch a short biography of the first Latina astronaut, Ellen Ochoa.

Woman With Earrings

Watch a 60-second highlight of Latino choreographer, Francisco Martinez's work.

Fear of a Latin Planet

Two performance artists deliver a searing spoken-word critique of Latino media imagery.

America's Inca Root

Watch the humorous history of America's favorite tuber - the potato.

The Director

Watch success stories of four women who were once teen mothers.


A playful look at the serenata, where a man brings music to his beloved's window.

Grandma's Hip Hop

Watch the story about a youthful grandmother who despite her hearing loss can still dance.

Is My Neighbor Latino?

A light humorous view at what a Latino neighbor may look like.

Las Carpas

Learn how Las Carpas, Mexican tent shows continue to influence present-day theater.

About Latinos in 60 Seconds

In 2001, Latino Public Broadcasting offered a call for emerging producers to create one-minute interstitials that showcased the Latino community. Ten projects were selected ranging from animation to biographies. Go to Nuestras Historias | Our Stories for more Hispanic Heritage programs.

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