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Jumaane Williams & Hell Gate: What’s Next for Rikers Jail?

Why is it so hard to close a jail? Guests discuss the plan and pushback to close Rikers.

Cash Relief for Black Moms: The Success of Guaranteed Income

Magnolia Mothers Trust provides $1k/month to low-income families headed by a Black woman.

Deciding the Fate of Democracy in North Carolina

Two legal cases in North Carolina could upend democracy and election law as we know it.

Muslim Americans in the Media: From Islamophobia to Power

What happens when Muslim Americans take on the task of reporting on their communities?

Chuck D & Rosa Clemente: Hip Hop's Unfinished Revolution

Chuck D of Public Enemy and scholar-activist Rosa Clemente explore the impact of Hip Hop.

Ben Jealous: Healing Parables for the Environmental Movement

The Sierra Club’s Ben Jealous discusses his plans for the environmental organization.

Frances Goldin, Rabble Rousers & NYC Housing Struggle Wins

A new film tells how New Yorkers, led by Frances Goldin, won a 50-year housing struggle.

About The Laura Flanders Show

The Laura Flanders Show is back for a third season with in-depth interviews and ground-breaking field reports on the people and movements driving positive systemic change. This season increases its coverage of innovative economic models and ideas taking root across the country, including cooperative businesses, land trusts, community wealth building, participatory budgeting and universal income.

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