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Pioneers of the Deep

See how species have learned to cope with conditions in the Tongan archipelago.

Ash Runners

Learn how animals on New-Britain have learned to live with the Earth’s moods.

Phoenix Temple

Witness nature’s struggles to conquer ash and lava before a volcano's next eruption.

The Surprise Salmon

What happened to salmon forced from their natal river into the open ocean?

Volcano Doctors

Learn how volcanologists try to predict eruptions.

Icelandic Volcanoes

Learn which Icelandic volcano may awaken next and what the consequences could be.

About Life on Fire

The Life on Fire series offers a close up look at volcanoes, providing viewers with a never seen before look at their effect on the environment around them. Each episode paints survival stories around different volcanoes. From the dark abyss to pristine snow-capped peaks, spectacular scenery provides the backdrop for the extraordinary animals and plants that have learned to juggle with fire.

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