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In rural Virginia, residents lack access to high-speed Internet but there are solutions.

Los Agricultores

Learn how immigrants in rural Virginia succeed as small farm “agricultores”.

Monacan Nation

Learn how federal recognition has had a positive impact on the Monacan Nation.


Learn how a community land trust works to help Virginians to find affordable housing.


Learn about the challenges facing family farms and how two young farmers are finding succe


Learn how rural communities deal with issues regarding their plastic waste.

Justice Reform

Examine the different perspectives on how best to address the issue of jail overcrowding.

Food Insecurity

Explore issues and solutions of food access and equity in rural communities of Virginia.

About Life In The Heart Land

“Life In The Heart Land” dives deep into the heart of America to meet the neighbors and organizations that are creating unique solutions to rural America’s toughest challenges. These collaborators are breaking down divides and roadblocks to build new pathways to meaningful, positive outcomes that have the power to inspire empathy and action and to transform other communities across the nation.

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