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Episode 1

Valentijn sneaks into a party--and becomes the prime suspect in a murder.

Episode 2

Valentijn realizes his painting, Breitner’s “Girl in Kimono,” is a forgery.

Episode 3

To help Suze, Valentijn checks himself into a psychiatric clinic for the wealthy.

Episode 4

Suze recruits Valentijn to help investigate the murder of her mentor

Episode 5

Valentijn visits an old classmate tied to a lethal virus that has gone missing.

Episode 6

Valentijn is recruited to help entertain renowned violinist Monica Altobelli.

Episode 7

Posing as a writer, Valentijn tries to get closer to suspected thieves before a ball.

Episode 8

At the Beauforts’ annual hunt, things take a turn when a stray bullet hits home.

Episode 9

Valentijn goes undercover as a fight choreographer for Macbeth--the cursed play.

Episode 10

Suze risks her career to help Valentijn.

About Lord & Master

Every day is Valentijn’s Day for private detective Valentijn Bentinck, a wealthy, charming eccentric with atalent for unraveling mysteries--except for the mystery of his own past. From Walter Presents, in Dutch with English subtitles.

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