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Was Púca the Nightmare Bunny That Inspired Donnie Darko?

The trickster Púca is an animal-spirit that was once dreaded across many lands.

The Hidden Origins of Nixie, the Scariest Little Mermaid

Of all the many terrifying monsters haunting the waters of the world the Nixie stands out.

The Untold Secrets of Pokémon’s Monster Mythology

What inspired Pokémon’s Monster Mythology?

Hero, Beast, or Both? The Complex Lore of the Centaur

Horses have inspired countless equine folklore, but none are quite like the centaur.

Are Cyborgs Really Monsters?

Advances in technology are always met with some degree of technophobia—and villainization.

Unicorns: Magical Icons or Violent Beasts?

A majestic, all-white horse with a spiraled horn is just one depiction of many.

How Bloody Mary Turns Fear Into Fun

Bloody Mary is less important than the ritual that summons her.

Is Yuki-onna the Most Terrifying Snow Monster?

Yuki-Onna, the icy snow maiden of Japanese lore, might steal your heart or your life.

About Monstrum

The world is full of monsters, myths, and legends and Monstrum isn’t afraid to take a closer look. The show, hosted by Emily Zarka, Ph.D., takes us on a journey to discover a new monster for each new episode. Monstrum looks at humans unique drive to create and shape monster mythology through oral storytelling, literature and film.

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