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Cassius Clay Changes His Name to Muhammad Ali

Elijah Muhammad offers Cassius a new name to secure his allegiance to the Nation of Islam.

Muhammad Ali Fights Cleveland 'Big Cat' Williams

Muhammad Ali takes on Cleveland "Big Cat" Williams at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

Muhammad Ali Marries Belinda Boyd in Chicago

In 1966, Muhammad Ali met 16-year-old Belinda Boyd at a Nation of Islam bakery.

Outlash Follows Muhammad Ali's Criticism of the Vietnam War

Muhammad Ali faces outlash after condemning the Vietnam War.

Muhammad Ali Is Found Guilty of Refusing the Draft

An all-white Houston jury found Muhammad Ali guilty of refusing the draft.

Muhammad Ali Embarks on a Tour Across Africa

Ali's tour of Africa revealed the mighty boxer's worldwide social influence.

Muhammad Ali's Focus on Racial Justice

In an interview, Ali hinted at retiring, saying he'd rather fight for racial justice.

'I'm Free to be Who I Want to Be'

As Clay gained success, he was criticized for his socio-political and religious beliefs.

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Spanish Version | Round Two: What's My Name? (1964-1970)

Muhammad Ali es desterrado del boxeo por negarse a ingresar en el ejército.

Spanish Version | Round Three: The Rivalry (1970 - 1974)

Muhammad Ali regresa del exilio y se enfrenta dos veces a su mayor rival, Joe Frazier.

Round Three: The Rivalry (1970 - 1974)

Muhammad Ali returns from exile and twice faces his greatest rival, Joe Frazier.

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