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In Search of Home

IN SEARCH OF HOME, a film by Ahmed Zakria.

Inside Out

INSIDE OUT, a film by Jana Othman.


RUN, a film by Fouad Omrane.

The Apple

THE APPLE, a film by Zara Shah.

The Crossover

THE CROSSOVER, a film by Abdullah Belgrave, Saad Belgrave and Sufyaan Brown.

Food For Thought

FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a film by Rizky Chandra.

Trust or Bust

TRUST OR BUST, a film by Salman Najjar.


TWINS, a film by Hidayah Husain.

Someone I Lost

SOMEONE I LOST, a film by Riyaz Ali.


COMFORT-ABILITY, a film by Primi Akhtar.

The Mental Game

THE MENTAL GAME, a film by Muhammad Davis and Abdullah Davis.

Amna Means Peace

AMNA MEANS PEACE, a film by Sidikha Ashraf.

Syrian Plight

SYRIAN PLIGHT, a film by Dunya Khalil.

Long Live the Queen

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN, a film by Aaishah Ale-rasool.

Money, Power & Portland

MONEY, POWER & PORTLAND, a film by Mostafa Osman, Mostafa Rasheed and Mahmood Jawad.

Identity Crisis

IDENTITY CRISIS, a film by Abdirahman Aden and Yousif Ibrahim.


GRADUATION, a film by Mahya Shakibnia-Shirazi.

I Came to America

I CAME TO AMERICA, a film by Shemsedin Sheikh.

Fair and Lovely

FAIR AND LOVELY, a film by Jensine Raihan.

Black Muslim Woman

BLACK MUSLIM WOMAN, a film by Mikel Aki'leh.

Poetry and Community

POETRY AND COMMUNITY, a film by Faisal Mohamud.


IMAGINATION, a film by Roodo Abdikadir.


HARMONY, a film by Dalia Khan.

Woods of the Reaper

WOODS OF THE REAPER, a film by Mohamad Zain Rahman and Moiz Shah.


REDISCOVER, a film by Nahla Turner.


BFF?, a film by Aisha Aden.

The Day The Teachers Left

THE DAY THE TEACHERS LEFT, a film by Hana Omrane.

The Difference Between Us

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US, a film by Razan Bayan.

Friends in Time

FRIENDS IN TIME, a film by Gallant Abidin and Niedal Jalil.

Wings of Freedom

WINGS OF FREEDOM, a film by Jannah Sellers and Sumaya Mahmoud.

A Different Light

A DIFFERENT LIGHT, a film by Fatima Abdul-Kareem Yahyaa Coleman.


SCREENED, a film by Iqbal Maxamed.

About Muslim Youth Voices

Muslim Youth Voices presents stories that convey the richness and diversity of Muslim Americans. Over the course of three summers, 44 youth from 6 cities were given the essential tools to tell their own stories on their own terms. The workshops resulted in short films, amplifying these young people’s voices, and illuminating the many identities and experiences of youth and Muslim life in America.

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