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Episode 1

Alice lies in a coma, with her family in turmoil following a kidnapping.

Episode 2

Alice is on the run following a gunfight.

Episode 3

A cryptic message from a stranger rekindles Alice's hopes of finding her daughter alive.

Episode 4

With Richard on the run and Tara still alive, Alice escapes the police.

Episode 5

New players in the kidnapping are revealed and a horrific dark underworld exposed

Episode 6

After police intervention, the criminals begin to turn on each other as secrets spill out.

About No Second Chance

NO SECOND CHANCE, a French thriller based on the novel by multi award winning author Harlan Coben. When Dr Alice Lambert wakes up in a hospital after 8 days in a coma, she finds that her life has taken a drastic turn. She has been shot, her husband killed and her daughter, Tara, abducted. The abductors are asking for 1 million euros in exchange for her baby with one rule: no police involvement.

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