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NOVA Wonders What's the Universe Made Of?

Peer into the deep unknowns of the universe to explore its mysteries.

NOVA Wonders Can We Make Life?

A revolution in gene editing technology enables scientists to create and edit DNA.

NOVA Wonders Can We Build a Brain?

How does today's artificial intelligence actually work-and is it truly intelligent?

NOVA Wonders Are We Alone?

Hunt for clues in the universes to answer one of humanity’s biggest questions.

NOVA Wonders What's Living in You?

Discover how a world of microbes living in and on you can make you sick.

NOVA Wonders What Are Animals Saying?

Can we crack the code of animal communication?

Apollo's Daring Mission

Apollo astronauts and engineers tell the story of the first manned mission to the moon.

World's Fastest Animal

See the world through the eyes of nature’s fastest animal—the peregrine falcon.

Operation Bridge Rescue

Follow engineers and woodworkers as they rebuild an iconic American covered bridge.

Last B-24

Dive beneath the sea to the wreckage of a WWII bomber.

Thai Cave Rescue

Follow the harrowing operation to rescue 12 boys stranded in a flooded cave in Thailand.

Flying Supersonic

Discover the feats of engineering that made the Concorde the first supersonic airliner.


Discover how opioid addiction affects the brain and how treatments are saving lives.

Volcano on the Brink

Explore Africa’s sleeping giant—Nyamuragira, one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes.

Volcano on Fire

Climb into the crater of Nyiragongo, a seething and active African volcano.

Transplanting Hope

Witness organ transplants as they unfold, and meet patients awaiting lifesaving donations.

Rise of the Superstorms

Witness the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria in 2017.

Decoding the Weather Machine

Discover how Earth’s intricate climate system is changing.

Prediction by the Numbers

Discover why some predictions succeed and others fail as experts forecast the future.

Great Escape at Dunkirk

How courage and ingenuity saved Allied troops during the epic Dunkirk operation in 1940.

First Face of America

Discover remains of a 13,000 year-old teenager in an underwater cave in Mexico.

The Impossible Flight

For the first time, two intrepid pilots fly a solar-powered airplane around the world.

Black Hole Apocalypse

Take a mind-blowing voyage to the most powerful and mysterious objects in the universe.

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