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E12 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | Pizza Time

While the finishes are happening inside, a pizza oven arrives and is installed outside.

E11 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | Design Elements

New technology in speakers, HVAC systems, and garage door openers. Outside, a new pool.

E10 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | Outside Details

Cobblestone apron; drop finial installed; cabana window swings up; exterior paint colors.

E9 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | Upgrading Old School

Yankee Gutters and corbels; a Gen Next electrician lesson; tankless hot water system.

E8 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | Back to Narragansett

Queen Ann Victorian windows and shingle installation. Landscape meeting with homeowners.

E7 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | Chimney Straightener

Repurposed bricks for the chimney. Staggered shingles on the porch. Shower drain install.

E6 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | New Light in Old Windows

New rafters get a decorative flair like the old rafters. New light in the antique windows.

E5 | Seaside Victorian Cottage | Project Interrupted

A Queen Anne Seaside Victorian Cottage restoration begins…and begins again.

E4 | Behind the Build | Anatomy of a Kitchen

Follow the transformation of an outdated galley kitchen from demo to design.

E3 | Behind the Build | Memorable Makers

This Old House celebrates the talented craftspeople of America’s Makers Movement.

E2 | Behind the Build | Factory Made

We take a look behind the scenes at factories that provide materials for our projects.

E1 | Behind the Build | Designing Kitchens

Follow the evolution of kitchen design concepts over the years.

About This Old House

This Old House, with pros Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Jenn Nawada, and host Kevin O'Connor, is TV's original home-improvement show, following one whole-house renovation over several episodes.

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