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Why Sign Language Was Banned in America

We take a deeper look as to why sign language was banned for decades.

Literally No One Likes a Grammar Cop

Besides being annoying, what if the grammar police are actually... wrong?

The Stories Behind Food Names

It shouldn't matter what a food is called as long as it tastes good, right? Well...

Is Bilingualism a Superpower?

Current studies with children show show new insight into bilingualism.

Foreign Words We Need in English

English has more words than most other languages, but there are still gaps.

A Controversial Theory About Gossip

Why is gossip an integral part of human social structure?

Pronouns: Little Words That Say a Lot

Pronouns may be little, but they say a lot, and they're always changing!

The Screwed-Up History of English Spelling

The English spelling system is a MESS... arguably more than any other language.

How Do Clich├ęs Evolve into Memes?

Adaptable clich├ęs called "snowclones" are EVERYWHERE but they're older than you think.

Is Swearing Good for Your Brain?

There's evidence that sweating may be good for your psyche.

About Otherwords

Otherwords digs deep into this quintessential human trait of language and finds the fascinating, thought-provoking, and funny stories behind the words and sounds we take for granted. Incorporating the fields of biology, history, cultural studies, literature and more, linguistics has something for everyone and offers a unique perspective into what it means to be human.

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