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How Bison are Saving America's Lost Prairie

Bison could be the key to saving America’s lost prairie.

Who Made These Giant Desert Figures... and Why?

Who made this mysterious collection of rock paintings just a few hundred feet off a dusty

Climbers’ Paradise is the Last Refuge for an Ancient Species

Red River Gorge is a haven for rare species and a place of many surprises.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Autumn Leaves

What causes that brilliant fall color show that people adore?

Wild Horses: America's Most Beloved Invasive Species?

How can we respect these horses and keep them wild while protecting the islands?

Meet the Fire Lookout of Big Sky Country

Are real-life fire lookouts becoming obsolete with modern technology?

How the Blue Ridge Mountains (Almost) Lost Their Blue

The hazy blue was disappearing from the horizon, but it wasn’t just the trees fault.

About Overview

Overview combines aerial cinematography with science storytelling to reveal both the natural phenomena and human forces shaping our planet. The series will feature stories about agriculture, engineering, the environment and natural wonders told by the scientists, rangers, farmers and artists who are responsible for innovating the world around us.

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