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The Secret Islands of the Everglades

These secret islands of the Everglades might be the key to saving it.

Want to Solve Wildfires and Drought? Leave it to BEAVERS!

Could beavers be the ally we’ve been waiting for when it comes to saving the environment?!

Why the Fastest Place on Earth is Disappearing

The Bonneville Salt Flats took millions of years to form. We altered it in a century.

What are Wild Coyotes Doing in the Big City?

In Chicago a new resident has upended our thinking about cities and the natural world.

What Makes These Dunes Sing?

Why do dunes sing? Head into the mysterious world of sand with host Joe Hanson!

Why Earth’s Newest Glacier is Inside an Active Volcano

Mt. St. Helens Volcano is the site of the world’s newest glacier, one of the few growing.

Why are There 30 Million Horseshoe Crabs on This Beach?

Every spring, the beaches of Delaware Bay play host to one of the world’s wildest parties.

Are Roller Coasters Actually Good For Your Brain?

Learn what’s happening to your body on a coaster and how they might help you feel better.

US Streets are Dangerous. We Can Fix Them.

US streets are designed to move cars as fast as possible. Is it time for that to change?

Inside the Fight to Save an Ancient Forest

Protestors protect threatened forests that contain rare ecosystems at risk of destruction.

How To Stop Your Poop From Killing Corals

Sewage is killing corals off the coast of Florida.

Why Oil Country is Turning to Wind Power

Follow host Joe Hanson as he learns why his home state of Texas is turning to wind power.

How Five Billion lbs of Las Vegas Garbage Powers a City

How billions of pounds of garbage gets turned into energy.

Can Dynamite Save You From An Avalanche?

To prevent avalanches, you have to do something counterintuitive — you have to start them.

Humans Cause Traffic Jams, AI Can Fix Them

Traffic is a problem we need to finally solve, and automated vehicles might help us do it.

How a Mind-Blowing World of Ice Gets Made

It’s one long mile of towering ice cliffs and it’s all human-made. How do they build it?

Flight Lessons from a World Champion Drone Racer

Dive into the beauty and physics of drones with an FPV pilot.

How Bison are Saving America's Lost Prairie

Bison could be the key to saving America’s lost prairie.

Who Made These Giant Desert Figures... and Why?

Who made this mysterious collection of rock paintings just a few hundred feet off a dusty

Climbers’ Paradise is the Last Refuge for an Ancient Species

Red River Gorge is a haven for rare species and a place of many surprises.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Autumn Leaves

What causes that brilliant fall color show that people adore?

Wild Horses: America's Most Beloved Invasive Species?

How can we respect these horses and keep them wild while protecting the islands?

Meet the Fire Lookout of Big Sky Country

Are real-life fire lookouts becoming obsolete with modern technology?

How the Blue Ridge Mountains (Almost) Lost Their Blue

The hazy blue was disappearing from the horizon, but it wasn’t just the trees fault.

About Overview

Overview combines aerial cinematography with science storytelling to reveal both the natural phenomena and human forces shaping our planet. The series will feature stories about agriculture, engineering, the environment and natural wonders told by the scientists, rangers, farmers and artists who are responsible for innovating the world around us.

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