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Why RED BUBBLES are impossible… or are they?!

Take a look at bubbles and you’ll see that they're actually missing colors!

The Science of Ventilation

How likely are you to get sick on an airplane?

Unique At-Home Science Experiments!

Dianna from Physics Girl walks through 5 experiments.

Candid Interview with COVID-19 ER Nurse and Epidemiologist

ER Nurse Practitioner and Epidemiologist talk about their experiences with the pandemic.

Ballistic Ping Pong Ball vs. Tennis Ball at 450km/h!

What happens when you shoot a ballistic ping pong ball going 450kph at a tennis ball?

HOME CHALLENGE: 20 Easy Experiments in 5 Minutes

Bored adult or a parent stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine? Try this!

What Happens to Your Reflection if You Bend a Spoon Inward?

What happens to your image if you bend a spoon from concave to convex?

How Rainbows with NO COLOR Are Possible

What the heck are spider-web rainbows? What are these rare white rainbows?

This Thing is -270°C and is EVERYWHERE

The universe is microwaving itself.

Inside the World's Largest Science Experiment

Dianna visits CERN and dives into the fundamental question: what are particles?

How the Edge of Our Galaxy Defies Known Physics

How is it possible that you can't see 95% of the universe?

Why This Stuff Costs $2700 Trillion Per Gram

There’s a factory in Europe that makes antimatter!

Most People Don’t Know Wine Moves Like This

Wine legs aka wine tears or wine fingers are stranger than they seem.

World’s Largest Camera Lens

We caught the short window of time to see the largest digital camera's massive lens.

The Surprising Ways Mars is Hostile to Life

Wanna know all the reasons Mars will kill you and how we know?

What Happens When Black Holes Collide?

What happens when black holes collide? What is the speed of gravity?

Why Are There Giant Concrete Tunnels in the Desert?

The Physics Girl team visited LIGO once again.

Testing What Exercise Actually Does to Your Butt

What activates your butt muscles more, running or squatting?

The Hardest Exam I Ever Took at MIT in Physics

Unboxing an MIT Physics Exam from the 8.012 Classical Mechanics course.

This Weird Straw Effect

When you look through a straw in water something strange happens as you move it up & down.

5 Scary Physics Experiments!

Top 5 creepy science experiments ft. iJustine

Experiments with $100,000+ Speakers

Experiments with $100,000+ Speakers

AMAZING underwater vortex rings!

DIY Science - Make a colored vortex ring in the pool

Singing this note is IMPOSSIBLE!

Try to sing up the scale of notes into a pipe, certain notes are impossible to sing!

How Magnet Paper Works ft. MKBHD

Magnet paper or magnet film shows you were magnetic fields are.

Stephen Hawking's Final Theory on Black Holes

The black hole information paradox and Soft Hair

About Physics Girl

Join host Dianna Cowern as she puts her MIT physics degree to the test. With experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries, Physics Girl sheds new light on the fun, adventurous side of physical science.

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