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Why You Can't Recycle Your Pants (Until Now)

George tests a newly discovered technique that could solve a recycling problem.

How is Ceviche "Cooked?"

How does lime juice turn raw fish into delicious ceviche? We explain with biochemistry!

Burning Forever Chemicals With Water

Forever Chemicals last… forever. Can a new technology finally send them to their doom?

The Bioconcrete Revolution (maybe)

Reducing the carbon footprint of concrete and cement by relying on biology.

Why are Mosquitos So Obsessed with Me?

Mosquitos really do prefer some people over others, and this Reactions ep explains why!

The End of Haber Bosch

Discover the single most important chemical reaction on Earth, and why we need to kill it.

What is Amorphous Ice?

This week Reactions dives into something truly out-of-this-world: amorphous ice.

Lab-grown, Plant-based, Real – What Is The Chemistry Of Meat

Are we about to re-define meat? If so, what is meat?!

But HOW Does Carbon Dioxide Trap Heat?

How do carbon dioxide molecules trap heat in our atmosphere?

EU’s Ban On Tattoo Ink: Breaking Down the Chemistry

Why has the European Union banned certain colors for tattoos?

Why Are Electric Vehicle Fires So Hard To Put Out?

Can we solve electric vehicle fires before we fully understand what’s happening?

How a Chemist Makes the Softest Bread You'll Ever Eat

Fluffy, delicious bread results when starch gelatinization and flour chemistry combine!

Why Calcium Hydroxide + Corn is Key to Understanding Western

Join George (and, occasionally, Andrew) as they chart corn’s epic chemical journey.

74,963 Kinds of Ice

We explore and learn anywhere between the 20 and 74,963 kinds of ice.

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