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Episode 1

Robin struggles to make a new start and escape his old life.

Episode 2

Robin and the gang make a discovery about Tom Karlsen, Deputy Leader of the Oslo Police.

Episode 3

Robin and his gang try to incriminate the well-protected Tom Karlsen and end up in danger.

Episode 4

The gang needs to pay a large ransom to get back Erica from the kidnappers.

Episode 5

The gang is put under increasing pressure from the police. Robin may have to turn traitor.

Episode 6

New information about Robin’s brother’s murder comes to light.

Episode 7

Robin discovers he has been duped by the police and by his father.

Episode 8

With Robin away, the gang uncovers the truth behind the police corruption.

About Recoil

This thriller entwines police corruption and gang culture as the 24-year-old Robin struggles to escape his past after being released from prison. From Walter Presents, in Norwegian with English subtitles.

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