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Meet the Climate Game Changer

Learn about Operation Sustain, a video game that teaches kids about climate change.

Can these super oysters survive our screwed-up oceans?

Join Katie as she visits a state-of-the-art oyster nursery and learns how to slurp oysters

How bug ranching can fix the food system

How can we reduce agricultural waste? Replace fish meal with mealworms.

Would you lock yourself in a box of smog–for science?

If you could teleport inside a polluted box to save lives, would you?

We've seen the future of meat, and it's plants

Your hamburger choice has real consequences for the environment.

Fighting mosquitoes with frickin' laser beams

Scientists at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory are batting mosquitoes with... laser beams.

What if clean energy was as easy as pressing 'print'?

What if you could turn almost any surface into a solar panel?

Meet the Man With a Nuclear Reactor in his Basement

A suburb just outside of Seattle hides a nuclear reactor.

Self-Driving Bikes: Seattle’s Next Transit Revolution?

A grassroots effort to develop lighter, more affordable, personal rapid transit.

How to turn leftovers into electricity

A startup company in Seattle is converting food waste into electricity and fertilizer.

Edible plastic is here, and it tastes like... | ReInventors

A scientist at Oregon State University is developing edible food packaging and coatings.

About ReInventors

ReInventors is a show that features scientists, inventors, and tinkerers in the Pacific Northwest who are working to create a more sustainable future. You'll meet folks who are reimagining the basic elements of our everyday lives - where we live, what we eat, the way we get to work.

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