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Las Vegas: Built on a Bad Hand, Redeemed on the River

A city known for excess, now a leader in water conservation. Here's how.

The Repeating History Behind the FAMU Hospital Closure

A glance at the role integration played in the closing of an African-American hospital.

The Urban Renewal and the Legacy of Smokey Hollow

A look at urban renewal through the lens of a small African-American neighborhood.

Redlining: The Jim Crow Laws of the North

A state’s severe racial disparities are traced back to restrictive real estate covenants.

Past and Present – Immigration in Humboldt County

A city once known for expelling Chinese residents becomes a Sanctuary city.

The Return of Indian Island

After over 150 years, Indian Island is returned to the Wiyot Tribe.

Searching for Solutions to Ohio's Roadway Woes

Ohio’s failing infrastructure seeks innovative solutions by examining the past.

How Algae Led to a Lake Erie Bill of Rights

A water crisis led to the Lake Erie Bill of Rights and prompted a push for new solutions.

The History of the Memphis' Kendrick Consent Decree

Political surveillance echoes the past and violates a 1978 court decision.

Restorative Justice in Alaska's Native Communities

High rates of domestic violence and sexual assault have roots in Alaska's statehood.

Isolation to Inclusion

People with intellectual disabilities have a history of exclusion that lingers today.

Economics, Immigration and the Changing Face of Alaska

How economic forces transformed Alaska into one of our most diverse states.

Three Mile Island's Lasting Legacy

The island’s history sparks a debate over using nuclear energy to address climate change.

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