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Inside One of the South’s Oldest Rituals

Tank Ball meets duck hunters and reexamines one of humanity’s oldest rituals - the hunt.

Inside the Revival of an Ancient Indigenous Ritual

Tank Ball learns about the sacred Green Corn Ceremony practiced by Indigenous communities.

Border Ballads: The Revolutionary History of Tejano Corridos

Tank Ball explores the musical tradition of corridos at the U.S. - Mexico Border.

How River Baptisms Shaped Black Musical Tradition

Tank Ball discovers the significance of river baptisms for the Black community.

Uncovering the Power of Hoodoo: An Ancestral Journey

Tank Ball explores the spiritual practice of Hoodoo and the ritual of ancestral worship.

Inside Black New Orleans' Most Sacred Ritual

Tank Ball explores the Super Sunday ritual of Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans.

Why Does This Soup Symbolize Freedom for Haitians?

Join Tank Ball as she explores the Haitian Independence Day ritual of making soup joumou.

How Did Black Graveyards Become Battlegrounds of Resistance?

Host Tank Ball explores the history of Louisiana’s forbidden Black burials.

About Ritual

Host Tank Ball explores how rituals across the south reveal complexities of the past and new possibilities for the future. Throughout the series, Tank meets with community members, culture bearers, and historians to observe the ways that placing ceremonial boundaries around death, environmental stewardship, and collective renewal shapes a community's sense of reality.

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