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Lesson 108 - Robot Controls

Learn how to control a robot’s motors in order to follow a line, including a curved line.

Lesson 107 - Robot Sensing and Mapping

Learn how a robot can “see” things around it without using cameras.

Lesson 106 - Robot Vision

Learn how a robot can sense the world around it using cameras.

Lesson 105 - Robot Motion

Uses math to determine how a robot moves.

Lesson 104 - Robot Localization

Explore how a robot keeps track of its position as it moves.

Lesson 103 - Robot Measurements

Different ways to measure distances, speeds, time, and other important items.

Lesson 102 - Sense, Plan, Act Framework

How a robot can break down its tasks into sensing, planning and execution.

Lesson 101 - Robotics: An Introduction

Locomotion, end-effectors, appearance - and how they relate to a robot’s purpose.

About The Robot Doctor

An educational video series that extends robotics and mathematics lessons to high school age students during the COVID-19 crisis.

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