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The Truth About Hunting for Pirate Treasure

One pirate’s tale of buried treasure led to generations of treasure hunting.

The Obscure History of Japanese Sea Lords

Sea Lords were as vital to medieval Japan as samurai, so why were they called “pirates?”

Why Did the U.S. Go to War with These Pirates?

Though often overlooked, the Barbary pirates played a huge role in U.S. and world history.

Why Did Pirates Eat That? (feat. Tasting History)

When fresh food ran out, pirates found creative ways to survive long weeks at sea.

Did Pirates Really Sing Sea Shanties? It’s Complicated

This is what pirate music actually sounded like.

Anne Bonny to Zheng Yi Sao: The Notorious Women of Piracy

Explore the incredible and unsung stories of history’s most notorious women pirates.

Black Caesar: The Pirate with a Thousand Faces

Here’s why so many pirates of African descent share the name “Black Caesar.”

What Pop Culture Gets Wrong About Pirates

Unravel the common misconceptions of pirates in pop culture.

About Rogue History

What if everything we know about pirates is actually wrong? Join maritime archaeologist and historian Joel Cook as we explore the history of pirates through a new lens in this digital series from PBS Origins. Together we’ll unravel historical myths, unearth lost narratives and discover fresh perspectives.

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