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The Misunderstood Legacy of Ninjas

Ninjas are famous in popular culture, but behind the stereotypes lie a legendary history.

This Gender Nonconforming Secret Agent Almost Caused a War

Chevalier d’Eon was a spy, fencer, and gender identity trailblazer who blackmailed a King.

How A Spanish Chicken Farmer Tricked Hitler

“I wanted to start a personal war with Hitler. And I wanted to fight with my imagination.”

Traitor or Hero? The Black Musician Spying on His Community

This musician spied on Black socialists then criticized the government for being racist.

Spy Balloons Have A Longer, Weirder History Than You Think

A year into the Civil War, the Union Army unveiled their secret weapon: spy balloons.

About Rogue History

It’s been said that history is written by those in power. But what about the outlaws, outcasts and rogues? What if they had their say? Rogue History, a digital series produced by PBS Digital Studios and PBS North Carolina, shakes the dust off the history books to unravel myths, unearth narratives, and discover fresh perspectives.

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