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Rudy and chef Daisuke Utagawa eat their way across Bangkok.

Hong Kong, Part 2

Explore Hong Kong, from the frenetic night life to the quiet side of the island.

Hong King, Pt. 1

Rudy and Daisuke Utagawa enthusiastically eat their way through Hong Kong.


Discover the delicacies that have made Japanese cuisine well known around the world.


The island of Hokkaido is the home of the international food favorite, ramen.


Take a look at the vibrant city of Tokyo, this time with an emphasis on Tokyo’s cuisine.

About Rudy Maxa's World

Rudy Maxa broadens his horizons — and those of his audience — in this 13-part series. Rudy offers his sophisticated take on a destination’s history, culture, architecture, politics and cuisine, while also turning a journalistic eye to the people and lifestyles of Russia, Estonia, Turkey, India, Argentina, Japan and Thailand.

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