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Episode 1

Rose realizes Lisa is being abused at home but no one seems to care about Lisa's fate.

Episode 2

Rose and Lisa arrive in Bordeaux. Baranski and Valin are on the case in Saint-Nazaire.

Episode 3

Garance and Melanie discover the existence of Lisa, who calls herself Charlotte.

Episode 4

Julie is determined to get her daughter back, and Greg wants his drugs.

Episode 5

Greg kidnaps Lisa, and Rose and Mehdi go looking for them.

Episode 6

Hunted by the police, Rose, Medhi and Lisa seek refuge in an abandoned fortress.

About Saving Lisa

Rose Keller is a substitute teacher on assignment in Saint-Nazaire when she meets the charming Lisa. Soon Rose realizes that Lisa is suffering abuse at home, and that her life could even be in danger if no action is taken. Faced with the impotence of social services, Rose takes matters into her own hands. From Walter Presents, in French with English subtitles.

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