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Is "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X Real Country Music?

Why was “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X initially removed from the country Billboard charts?

Where Are You REALLY From?

How migration has impacted Black culture in the United States.

Should We Keep Eating Soul Food?

Exploring the new and inventive ways our generation is honoring and preserving Soul Food.

Why Richard Pryor is Still Funny

Hallease and Evelyn look at how comedy has changed throughout modern history.

Should You Go To an HBCU?

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

What Missy Elliott Did for Afrofuturism

What Missy Elliott did for Afrofuturism

The Evolution of (Black) Beauty

The Evolution of (Black) Beauty

"Black Sounding" Names and Their Surprising History

"Black sounding" names and their surprising history

The Reason #BlackTwitter Exists (And Is Totally Awesome)

Black Twitter continues to be a source of debate, research, and of course endless cackles.

She Isn't African Enough?! DNA Ancestry Tests

She isn't African enough?! DNA Ancestry tests

The OG Black Republicans

Did Republicans lead the charge in electing Black politicians?

Black People Made That!

Black inventors throughout American history have contributed so much to our innovation.

Is This Ratchet Or Runway?

What makes a fashion trend go from lowbrow to high class?

Are You "Black" or "African American?"

Are you "Black" or "African American?"

How Do You Define Black Pride?

What Does it Mean to Love Being Black?

About Say It Loud

Say It Loud is a PBS Digital Studios series that celebrates Black culture, context, and history. Hosts Evelyn from the Internets and Azie Dungey give you a comedic take on identity and pop culture, from Black pride movements to Black Twitter shenanigans. The show explores the complexity of Black experience and finds joy in the many ways Black folks have influenced American life.

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