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John Horgan: The Dangers of Hanging Out with Terrorists

John Horgan interviews an IRA terrorist and wonders if he's made a huge mistake.

John Horgan: There's Always Hope

John Horgan studies terrorists and finds nuance and complexity where others see only evil.

Nicole Prause: What Women (Don't) Need

A bunch of men try to create a kind of "female viagra," but they forget to talk to women.

Nicole Prause: Great Balls of Fire

Nicole Prause finally gets a Harley Davidson... and all hell breaks loose!

Nicole Prause: You Gotta Fight for Your Right to do Science

Nicole Prause asks questions about human sexuality that scare other scientists.

Chris Hadfield: The Universe Surrounds You

Chris Hadfield takes a walk in outer - and inner - space.

Chris Hadfield: Deep Questions for a Star Man

We ask astronaut Chris Hadfield a bunch of silly questions.

Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity

Chris Hadfield makes a music video tribute to David Bowie and returns a viral sensation.

Janet Iwasa: Animating HIV

Janet Iwasa uses heranimation skills to depict HIV cells.

Janet Iwasa: Science Goes Hollywood

Janet Iwasa studies animation in Hollywood.

Janet Iwasa: Biologists with Movies in Their Heads

Janet Iwasa animates creates a beautiful way to communicate about the molecular world.

Danica McKellar: My First Kiss

Danica and Winnie both have thier first kiss on the set of "The Wonder Years".

Danica McKellar: Math Doesn't Suck

Danica McKellar's first math book helps girls become BFFs with math.

Danica McKellar: Are You the Girl from "The Wonder Years"?

Danica McKellar becomes Winnie Cooper... then she finds out that she's something more.

Cynthia Erenas: A Big Change in the World

Cynthia Erenas dreams big, builds technology and challenges gender roles.

Cynthia Erenas:

Cynthia Erenas connects with and becomes a superstar teen roboticist.

Cynthia Erenas: 30 Seconds on Building Your First Robot

We give Cynthia Erenas 30 seconds to offer tips on robot-building.

Bisi Ezerioha: Zen and the Art of Automotive Maintenance

Bisi Ezerioha drives really, really fast to find his calm peaceful center.

Bisi Ezerioha: Minivan On Top (Gear)

Bisi Ezerioha gives the keys to his 1029 horsepower mini-van to the guys from "Top Gear."

Bisi Ezerioha: The Movies Never Get It Right

Bisi reveals that even the very coolest car movies typically get the science wrong.

Bisi Ezerioha: The Fast and the Curious

Bisi Ezerioha takes things apart and puts them together so they'll go VROOM!

Jessica Cail: My Doctorate in Bullwhip

Jessica Cail describes her favorite onscreen whip-wielding... including her own.

Jessica Cail: Addictions...From Drugs to Stunts

Jessica Cail studies addictions and then she beats people up in TV shows and movies.

Jessica Cail: 30 Seconds on the Science of Addiction

Jessica Cail does a good job describing the science of addiction.

Chris McKinlay: The Two Ends of BuzzFeed

After his adventures in dating, Chris McKinlay finds that BuzzFeed is deeply conflicted.

Chris McKinlay: The Best Dating Website?

Chris McKinlay assesses the various dating websites and shares the best possible advice.

Chris McKinlay: I Hacked OkCupid

Chris McKinlay uses the power of super-computing - and his own brain - to "trend globally"

About Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Scientists are just like everyone else -they've got secrets. So who knows what happens when the lab coats come off? Actually, we do. And now you can too. In this series of short, web-exclusive videos, you'll meet intriguing scientists and engineers, and learn about their surprising lives outside the proverbial lab.

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