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The Caravaggio Heist

Fr. Marius Zerafa risks his life to recover a Caravaggio masterpiece stolen in 1984.

A Samurai in the Vatican

In 1613, a Japanese samurai was sent to Europe to negotiate opening a new trade route.

Hindenburg’s Fatal Flaws

A fresh look at the flaws that led to the infamous Hindenburg disaster in 1937.

The First Circle of Stonehenge

New evidence on the origins of Stonehenge is uncovered.

Lady Sapiens

Discover the untold story of prehistoric women through the latest science and research.

Magellan’s Crossing

Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition resulted in the first circumnavigation of the globe.

About Secrets of the Dead

Secrets of the Dead is part detective story, part true-life drama that unearths evidence from around the world, challenging prevailing ideas and throwing fresh light on unexplained events.

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