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Detective Max, newly relocated to Oslo, is partnered with Sander.

Cases Connect

The identities of all the boys come to light.

The Door

The detectives find out the truth about the murdered law student.

The Wait

Sander faces scrutiny for a past case.

The Raid

The detectives raid the base of a human trafficking ring, and Max kills someone.

It's Real

Sander and Max experience hallucinations that turn into real violence.

The Truth

The detectives admit to each other they’ve been having the same supernatural experiences.

The Lake

The detectives swim (literally) through their own nightmares.

About Seizure

Only a few months have passed since Max and Asha lost their son. Life has almost come to a standstill when Max transfers to a new job at Oslo Homicide. Max’s new partner Sander knows the underworld of Oslo and has no illusions. Where Max is ethical and by-the-book, but also a bit naïve, Sander is hardened and bitter, and a tad racist. From Walter Presents, in Norwegian with English subtitles.

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