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Children’s Paradise

When a mother is murdered, von Meuffels investigates an elite kindergarten.


While investigating a series of suicides in prison, von Meuffels falls for the warden.

Smoke on the Water

The murder of a journalist leads von Meuffels into a dangerous world.


Von Meuffels must investigate a baffling murder with Herrman.

And Forgive Us Our Sins

After the suicide of a convicted murderer, another man confesses to the crime.


Von Meuffels must face a case from his past that leads him into a web of intrigue.

Night Shift

Von Meuffels investigates a retirement home.

The Illusion of Freedom

When someone beats a Muslim man to death, von Meuffels questions motives.

About Silent Hunt

Detective Hanns von Meuffels adopts a unique method of silent investigation to reveal the truth, often confronting his own past mistakes in the process. From Walter Presents, in German with English subtitles.

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