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Practical Info from the Creative Coaches

Practical advice for emerging artists from creative professionals.

Immigrants - We Get the Job Done

An examination of Broadway musical "Hamilton" and the American narrative.

Book Review - "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield

The review of Steven Pressfield's “The War of Art” and resistance as an artistic enemy.

Creativity and Diverse Thinking

Embrace diversity by pushing the boundaries of your creative voice.

I Am Enough: The Art of Social Change

Channeling your energy from adversity into powerful art for social causes.

Everyone's a Critic!

Artistic voices are shaped by channeling positive and negative feedback.

Frida Kahlo and the Art of Pain

How personal pain can be a powerful vehicle for creative expression.

Ancestry and the Single Story (Part 2)

The notion of the "Single Story" & why artists of color have to create in their own voice.

Ancestry and the Single Story (Part 1)

The creation of Latin-American identity and the necessity of cultural inclusion.

About StoryBored USA

StoryBored USA empowers youth and millennials to tell their stories through arts and media. Hosted by creator William D. Caballero, the series explores aspects of the creative process with artists (“creative coaches”) offering advice. Each episode is designed to encourage diverse people to add their creative voices to the American story because if they don’t tell their stories, someone else will.

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