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The Taco Mafia breaks down Winter Storm Uri; Representative Greg Casar visits Discada.


Sara stocks the Free Fridge; Beto buys a new trailer; Discada hosts an anniversary party.


The Taco Mafia reflects on how they support each other through catastrophic life events.


Edgar and Sara recap their wedding; Beto discusses health issues; Discada hosts a pop-up.


Edgar and Sara explore Oaxaca; Beto visits taquerias; Discada has a pop-up in Houston.


Edgar and Sara fly to Oaxaca; Beto tours a tortilleria; Anthony and Xose get lunch.


Edgar and Sara tell their love story; Beto balances work and parenting.


Meet the members of the Taco Mafia and learn how their youth shaped who they are today.

About Taco Mafia

A new generation of taqueros is showing how to achieve success in a post-pandemic world, while expanding the impact that a business can have in its own community. The self-proclaimed ‘Taco Mafia’ is forging a new path through friendship, sustainability, tradition, authenticity and a commitment to give back, while addressing issues such as sustainability, immigration, gentrification, and beyond.

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