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CRT, Teaching History, and the Haitian Revolution

For Black History Month, we speak with Marlene Daut, a history professor at Yale.

Awards & Diversity; MTG for VP?

Oscars lacking diversity, and Marjorie Taylor Greene

Equality Behind the Scenes in TV and Movies

Interview with Pamala Buzick Kim, the executive director of Free the Work

Misty Copeland Discusses the History and Future of Ballet

This week we interview the first African American female principal dancer with the ABT

2022 Year in Review

We review abortion & midterms, women in the workplace, and the changing face of SCOTUS

Asian American and Pacific Islander Women

We speak with Madalene Mielke, the president & CEO of APAICS

The Importance of Women in the 2022 Midterms

This week, we speak with Debbie Walsh, Director of the CAWP at Rutgers University

Midterm Election Analysis; Inflation & Abortion

We take a look at the red wave that wasn't.

Midterm Election; Affirmative Action

A preview of the midterms and a discussion about affirmative action

Should Sex Workers Be Unionized?

Dr. Siobhan Brooks sheds light on the unionizing of sex workers.

Bully Market: Misogyny at Goldman Sachs

This week, we speak with Jamie Fiore Higgins

Maternity Deserts, Abortion Vote Motivation

The problems for women in certain communities, and midterm motivation

Fighting for Domestic Workers' Rights

We speak with Jenn Stowe and Stephanie Land

''The Godmother'' - Women in Organized Crime

This week we interview Barbie Latza Nadeau, a journalist and author of ''The Godmother''

Trump Lawsuit; SCOTUS & Midterms

Letitia James brings fraud suit, and the impact of abortion on women voters.

Women in Aerospace with Fmr. Deputy Administrator for NASA

We speak with Lori Garver, a former Deputy Administrator for NASA.

Post-Pandemic Work & Juvenile Justice System

Back into the office & talking with advocates for change.

Workers & Unions With First Female President of AFL-CIO

We interview Liz Shuler, the first female president of the AFL-CIO

Women, Cryptocurrency & NFTs

We speak with Mai Akiyoshi, the CEO of Curious Addys

New President of EMILY's List, Laphonza Butler

We talk to the head of one of the biggest women's political groups

Kellyanne Conway on Trump, Politics, Family, and New Book

Former counselor to Pres. Trump Kellyanne Conway

How to Raise a Feminist Son

This week, we interview Sonora Jha

Roe v. Wade & January 6th Hearings

SCOTUS decision impact and women taking the lead role

Roe v Wade; Title IX; Discrimination

SCOTUS decisions, trans athletes, and bigotry

Mandy Teefey, co-founder Wondermind; mother of Selena Gomez

Mandy Teefey discusses the new project she's starting with her daughter, Selena Gomez.

Kellyanne Conway, Senior Counselor to Pres. Trump

Kellyanne Conway shares stories from her life and work with the Trump Administration.

Post Roe World; Baby Formula

How will stakeholders react if and when Roe v. Wade is overturned? And the formula crisis.

Vegan Women Summit - ''The Future of Food is Female"

Jennifer Stojkovic, the founder of the Vegan Women Summit, talks to us about her new book

Senate Abortion Vote & Women and Remote Work

Meet the ‘Hermettes’: A Secret Society of Women Who Prefer to Be Left Alone

Abortion Opinion Leaked

Leaked document is SCOTUS draft of majority opinion striking down Roe v. Wade

Paula Stone Williams ''As a Woman''

Bonnie Erbe' speaks with Dr. Paula Stone Williams about her new book "As A Woman."

Catholic Lawsuit; Florida Banned; Child Tax Credit

Bonnie & panel on priest pedophilia settlement, rejected math books, child tax credit

Abortion Laws; Gender X; Depp v. Heard

Abortion debate, gender on passports, and Hollywood lawsuits

SCOTUS; Oscars Slap; Gender Pay Gap

Judge Brown Jackson, Will Smith - Chris Rock slap, and the pay gap closing.

DOE Secretary Granholm

Sec. Jennifer Granholm on Russian oil and gas, climate change & getting off fossil fuels

Interview with Rep. Pramila Jayapal

We speak to the chair of the Progressive Caucus - Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA)

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With women in the forefront of politics and on the cutting edge of national agendas, To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe continues to provide an important, timely forum for diverse women to discuss national and international issues and policies. It presents news and views that are rarely, if ever, available elsewhere on television.

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