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Episode 1

Janine’s empty car is found the morning after she celebrated her 20th birthday.

Episode 2

Michelle struggles to find clues about her daughter’s disappearance.

Episode 3

Michelle meets a dealer who claims he was told to deliver crystal meth to Janine.

Episode 4

Michelle joins Manu on a visit to a Vietnamese market.

Episode 5

With Manu in hospital after an overdose, Michelle hands in the drugs to the cops.

Episode 6

Michelle realizes that her daughter’s credit card is still in use.

Episode 7

Steffi gets a hint that Manu might be hiding in their family holiday home.

Episode 8

Michelle is desperate; it’s been a week since her daughter disappeared.

About The Vanishing

A desperate mother goes on a search to find her missing daughter, only to uncover a dark web of lies and secrets that could change the town forever. From Walter Presents, in German with English subtitles.

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