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President Biden Starts a Foreign Policy Shift

President Joe Biden announced a historic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Corporate Backlash on Voting Rights

The battle over voting rights continues as big businesses criticize Georgia’s voting laws.

Attack At The Capitol & The Trial of Derek Chauvin

Another Capitol police officer is dead, less than three months after January 6th.

President Joe Biden’s First News Conference

President Biden’s first news conference focused on immigration, voting rights & gun reform

Horrors in Atlanta & Crisis at the Border

Three shootings in Atlanta, GA raise fears of even more violence against Asian Americans.

A Look Back at a Year of COVID-19

It’s the one-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic shifting the world as we once knew it.

Democracy Under Threat & The Fight For Voting Rights

FBI Director Wray warned that domestic terrorism threats continue after the Jan. 6th riot.

The COVID-19 Crisis & Investigating the Insurrection

Washington dealt with President Biden’s COVID relief bill & the fallout of the January 6.

Biden sets COVID deadlines & GOP debates its future

President Joe Biden held his first town hall, answering about the vaccine rollout.

The Second Impeachment Trial of Former President Trump

House impeachment managers presented their case against former President Trump.

Biden Pushes For Stimulus As the GOP Faces A Reckoning

The panel discussed the fate of the GOP & the next steps for Biden’s COVID relief bill.

President Joe Biden’s First Full Week in Office

President Joe Biden marked his first full week as president.

President Biden & Vice President Harris Take Office

President Biden was sworn in as the 46th president alongside Kamala Harris.

President Trump’s Second Impeachment & A Nation on Edge

resident Trump is now the first United States president to be impeached twice.

Mob Storms the Capitol, Congress Affirms Biden's Win

As Congress met to confirm Biden’s win, hundreds of Trump’s stormed into the Capitol.

The New Washington

It’s the start to 2021, and Washington is set to face immense challenges.

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