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Why Is The U.S. Warming Faster Than Average?

The US is warming 68% faster than the global average. Why?

Could We Have More Blackouts With a Greener Grid?

As weather gets more extreme and climate change accelerates, how will we green the grid?

What Could Thousand of Mysterious Whales Tell Us About Our

Learn about what some of the unexpected consequences might be from the warming Arctic.

Is Permafrost the Climate Tipping Point of No Return?

Our earth's permafrost is thawing and it could change our entire climate.

What is the Riskiest Region in the US as the Climate Changes

Climate change is making many places riskier to live. We investigate the trends.

Have We Made Any Progress on Climate Change? Here's The Data

We want to see if we're still headed towards an apocalypse or if new policies have helped.

What's The Deepest Storm Surge In History?

We tell the story behind the best video we’ve ever seen and why it matters.

This Is Why Worse Droughts Mean WAY Worse Floods

We unravel the role that climate change truly plays in our erratic weather patterns.

Here's Exactly What to Do When the Next Megaquake Hits

We tell you what experts think is the best way to survive this inevitable disaster.

What Will Life Look Like as MAJOR Rivers Run Dry?

We discuss how water is actually used in agriculture and the future of irrigation.

What Will Earth Look Like When These 6 Tipping Points Hit?

We look at 6 major candidates on how they are all interconnected and influence each other.

This Policy Predicts Where People Will Die

New research illuminates how a century of Redlining contributed to this deadly inequality.

Is This the Real Reason More Homes Are Burning in Wildfires?

Wildfires have been consuming homes at a staggering pace over recent years.

How Hurricane History Has Hidden What's Coming

Why haven’t we seen a clear signal from climate change in the hurricane record?

Do You Need a Gun to Survive the Next Disaster?

Life on the ground following natural disasters is often chaotic and scary.

About Weathered

Natural disasters and extreme weather can happen without warning. And with the impacts of climate change, more Americans than ever are at risk. Weathered will highlight real stories from people affected by natural disasters across the country and explain how families and communities can be prepared.

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