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When Did You Become Gay?

Examine the code words and phrases used to describe LGBTQA communities.


An author, a professor and a filmmaker discuss their unique takes on gentrification.

Code Words

Examine the current function and long history of American’s use of “code words”.

What Are You?

What’s the intent behind a simple question like, “What are you?”

I'm Not A Feminist

What does it mean to be a “feminist” today? Explore from three unique perspectives.

Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation

What does it mean to appreciate vs. appropriate culture? Explore unique perspectives.


Explore the assumptions and misgivings of pejorative phrases like “Welfare queen.”

White Pride

A filmmaker, a comedian and a musician explore the use of the term “white pride.”

Model Minority

Explore the use of this term “Model Minority” to describe Asian American communities.

Race Card

A professor, a comedian, and an artist break down their interpretation “race card."

About What I Hear When You Say

What I Hear When You Say is a video series that explores how words can both unite and divide us depending on our own perspective, experience, and interpretation. Each episode covers a different phrase or term that challenges what we think we know about race, class, gender, and identity.

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