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How This Aquaponics Farmer Is Reinventing Urban Agriculture

Yemi Amu works to combat fresh food inaccessibility by introducing Aquaponics Farming.

How This Indigenous Farmer Is Solving Food Insecurity

As climate chaos rises, Michelle Week, draws on her Sinixt indigenous knowledge

How Two Sisters Are Reviving Damaged Farmland With Hemp

Two sisters in New York's Hudson Valley are re-introducing hemp on their farm.

How this Shepherdess and Her Sheep are Restoring California

Shannon Waldron gives insight on the and work she does as a nomadic shepherdess.

About Women of the Earth

Women of the Earth is a short form documentary series capturing the resilient work of female land stewards across the United States. The subjects in this series represent a diverse group of women, who’s work continues to lead our world towards effective and reciprocal solutions to systematically change the way we approach climate healing.

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