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WQED Documentaries

Five innovative, creative, and ground-breaking visual artists from Western PA show their work and share stories of the rewards and challenges of being a woman in their field.

State of the Art

Travel to 1,000 destinations across America and see what's happening in art. At The Art House, home of Pittsburgh artist Vanessa German, she presents a spoken word performance.

WQED + Kindness

Our role is the community for 65 years has been to provide a safe, inclusive place for all. Now we are celebrating these shared values more than ever. We invite the you to share your day-to-day acts of kindness!

Walter's Southern Kitchen

Pittsburgh Eats

Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood became the perfect destination for two friend's authentic Texas barbeque.

Les Miserables


Love, death, and the struggle for social justice in early 19th-century France feature in this beautifully faithful retelling of one of the world’s most beloved stories.

Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore


A decorated Marine veteran fights to reunite her family after her undocumented husband is deported.

    All About Animals

    iQ Smartparent Ep. 605

    Land at the unique intersection of animal appreciation, digital media, and education!



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    Elias Khouri

    WQED Sessions

    We catch up with up-and-coming musical powerhouse Elias Khouri to chat about his musical influences and his own local open-mic for young musicians!

    Autism Awareness Month

    April is National Autism Awareness Month. See programming and resources focused on autism, which affects 1 out of every 59 children in the US.

    The Biggest Fight of My Life

    WQED Specials

    World Champion boxer Steve "USS" Cunningham is giving back to his new hometown of Pittsburgh for good reason.

    Body of Work

    Pittsburgh 360

    It’s art...with an unexpected canvas! Meet a local woman who uses paint, make-up, and mirrors to create an extraordinary (and very temporary) body of work.

    The Humanities Festival

    Just a Minute

    It brings people together for an exchange of ideas and culture. Hear from disabled artist Bill Shannon on his creative experience.

    A Childhood Mystery

    WQED Specials

    Parents say their children's personalities changed overnight. That's because of two frightening, often misdiagnosed pediatric syndromes known as PANDAS and PANS.

    The Bill Henry Band

    WQED Sessions

    This group that formed on Pittsburgh's North Side blends old-school and new-school into a melodic mix of soulful R&B.

    Hippie and French

    Just a Minute

    A new industry has formed around the medicinal use of CBD products, it's taking root in Lawrenceville. "Hippie and French" was founded on the principle that people, and their pets, should have access to quality CBD.

    Here Lies...

    Point Breezes Homewood Cemetery
    Pittsburgh 360

    A walk through Homewood Cemetery in the Point Breeze neighborhood can be like a walk through the region's Black History.