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Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
9:30 AM
Let's Go Luna!
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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Campaign U

The Pennsylvania primary has been rescheduled to JUNE 2, 2020. Are you prepared? We aim to help voters sift through the cluttered political landscape.

Inside Italy's COVID War


Inside a hospital battling COVID-19 in Northern Italy, as doctors make life and death decisions.

The Robot Doctor

A new educational video series that extends robotics and mathematics lessons to high school age students during the COVID-19 crisis.

Unsung Heroes

Stay Home with WQED: FYI

Take a look at some of the local unsung heroes putting their own health at risk to keep life going as normally as possible.

Autism: Behind the Lens

Digital Docs

High school can be difficult for young people on the spectrum, especially with communication, but filmmaking is opening up new doors.

Montour Trail Wildflowers

Nature Breaks

As we tilt toward summer and the sun, colorful wild flowers are beginning to bloom along the Montour Trail.


As we navigate these unprecedented times together, our team has created this ongoing series of short videos for our viewers, members - and those exploring for the first time!


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Remembering The O

"I always got mustard, onions, pickles, and relish." Rick Sebak fondly remembers "The O" and revisits his classic show on the Pittsburgh staple. 


Resources for You and Your Family

WQED is committed to providing the community with helpful resources that answer important questions or provide advice for parents, children and educators.

Pittsburgh Circus

Digital Docs

Meet the jugglers, fire breathers, aerialists and more behind an entire subculture of circus performers right here in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh History Series

Our classic, entertaining and informative look at Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania through the eyes of Rick Sebak are now available online!

iQ Smartparent

The Messy Show

Explore sensory play: any activity that stimulates a child's sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

Pittsburgh Curling Club

Just a Minute

This local club is dedicated to developing and promoting the sport of curling in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

Beaver Bagel Co.

Pittsburgh Eats

This shop in Bridgewater, PA attracts breakfast and lunch crowds for bagels, sandwiches and tasty treats.

Etta Cox

WQED Sessions

This episode features a legend in the jazz community, singer Etta Cox and pianist Daniel May.

A Crowning Achievement

Digital Docs

The story of Jean Bryant, who ended a long series of racial injustice in American beauty pageants by founding her own.

Ride to Rescue

Digital Docs

Animal Lifeline's mission is simple: Volunteers work to save homeless pets across the U.S. and beyond.

The Good Fight

A celebration of African-American men and women who served their country even when their country didn’t always serve them.

Mysteries of Sleep


Why do we sleep? And what does sleep have to do with memory, trauma, and our emotions?

    Grandma B's

    Pittsburgh Eats

    This popular Hill District diner, named after owner Dorian Moorefield's 98-year old grandmother, is a spot where guests feel at home.

    Fourth Industrial Revolution

    iQ: Smartparent

    Breakthroughs in innovative technologies are re-shaping the way we live..but what do these changes mean for today's young people?


    Just a Minute

    This dancing community was founded within the LGBTQ+ family of Pittsburgh, and invited everyone to come learn the art of country dancing!

    Life After Hate

    WQED Digital Docs

    Shannon Foley Martinez is a former neo-Nazi who shares her story and what she learned about the roots of hatred.

    Mac Miller's Mural

    Pittsburgh 360

    The late Mac Miller will be forever remembered for his music, and now in a work of art.