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Washington Week

A Season to Remember

See the poignant story of the 1952 Little League All Star team of Monongahela, Washington County through compelling interviews and rare archival film and photos - leading to a moment of triumph for the "Baseball Boys of Mon City."

A Matter of Trust: COVID-19 Vaccines

Three local physicians discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on children -- and particularly, theirs.

Eastern Continental Divide

The Great Ride

Known as a hydrographic, or drainage divide, it marks the point that separates U.S. waters flowing to the Atlantic Ocean from those flowing to the Gulf of Mexico.

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iQ Smartparent: Teachable Moments

WQED Education

Video lessons from local teachers showing students how to create educational projects - from gardening, to coding and more - at home.

A Dream Fulfilled

Digital Docs

For over 40 years, Point Breeze veterinarian Dr. Larry Gerson has been on the front lines providing care for pets and advocating for animal health and welfare.

Mid-Atlantic EMMY Awards

WQED is honored to have our programs recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. This year, WQED was awarded six Mid-Atlantic EMMY Awards, including Overall Excellence.

Muhammad Ali

Cassius Clay rises from boastful amateur boxer to contender for the heavyweight championship.

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    Civil Engineer

    Future Jobs

    We visit a construction site in Pittsburgh to learn about what the typical day looks like for a Civil Engineer, in a field with high projected job growth.

    Gabriella Salvucci

    WQED Sessions

    16-year-old Gabriella Salvucci is a singer/songwriter inspired by meaningful lyrics and her own personal experiences. Here she performs her song “Just my Luck.”

    WQED In the Time of COVID

    "Rising to the Occasion"

    Look back, look forward, and explore the impact that WQED had over the pandemic year. Get started with Rick Sebak's A Very Quick History of an Unusual Television Station.

    Mental Health and the Black Community


    Black Pittsburghers share their lived stories of overcoming the stigma of mental health treatment and breaking barriers.

    Windows to Heaven

    Digital Docs

    Inside Saint Moses the Black Orthodox Church, beautiful icons are not only considered sacred, but are seen as remarkable works of art.

    Pete and Scott

    WQED Sessions

    From Anderson Music Academy in McMurray, PA, we present two of Pittsburgh's most-respected musicians: Pete and Scott (Hewlett Anderson).

    The Air That We Breathe

    The region’s air quality has been an issue for decades. And while it’s certainly cleaner than in the past, there are present-day pollution sources that threaten marginalized communities and us all.

    Square Café

    Pittsburgh Eats

    For over 15 years, Square Café has provided Pittsburgh neighborhoods with inventive coffee, breakfast and lunch options, in their own fun and colorful way.

    Keep Pittsburgh Dope

    Digital Docs

    Social media platform Keep Pittsburgh Dope showcases the unique people of Pittsburgh through street photography.

    In Memoriam: Elsie Henderson

    The legendary cook and meal planner for the Kaufmann family at Fallingwater died March 20, 2021 at the age of 107. Mrs. Henderson also spent years cooking for the Heinz, Mellon and Kennedy families.

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