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Victorian Slum House: The 1890s

Tuesday, May 23 8:00pm

Food: Delicious Science New Episode May 24th at 10pmThank you for making Rickstarter a successSessionsPittsburgh EatsCaregivers

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NATURE: The Gathering Swarms
Wednesday, May 24 8:00pm Check out swarm intelligence, essentially a living embodiment of social media in the natural world.
NOVA: Meteor Strike
Wednesday, May 24 9:00pm Join NOVA to hunt for clues to the origin and makeup of the meteor that struck Siberia in February.
Before Stage Four: Confronting Early Psychosis
Thursday, May 25 8:00pm This documentary shows who’s leading the first-episode psychosis (FEP) treatment movement, while families share personal stories of heartbreak, success and hope.
Friday, May 26 9:00pm Explore the American story of chef Jacques Pépin.


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